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We see ourselves as leaders, not politicians. We hope to set a tone of inclusiveness within Student Government. Students should never feel intimidated or unaware of what Student Government does for them. We 100% believe in having an open door policy and not waiting for students to bring us issues, but rather to go to them. After all, we're just students too


When it comes to long term goals it's all about advocating on behalf of students. Oftentimes we forget that we do not govern students, but rather represent them. WVU offers a unique opportunity of allowing the SGA President to serve as a full voting member of the Institutional Board of Governors. We believe the best way to take advantage of these types of opportunities and the best way to really get things accomplished in the bureaucracy that is WVU, is building solid relationships with administrators. Influence derives from respect. Plus, you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.


Part of the reason some students feel disillusioned with Student Government is because it's hard to see actual accomplishment. Therefore, it's important to set short term, feasible goals in addition to long term goals. These goals should focus on a collaborative effort amongst all student leaders on campus. Student Government should do more than hold meetings once a week and work while tucked away in their office. SGA should go to the students. We would like to see SGA begin more programming. We think this works for two reasons. One, SGA is interacting with students and gaining a better understanding of what they think is important rather than just our own ideas of what the university needs. We are out working with students regularly rather than only soliciting and asking their concerns come election time. Student Government leaders should be a familiar face that students know they can go to if a problem arises. And two, it gives us an opportunity to serve as a source of knowledge for the student population. We want to start programming that focuses on educating students about student fees, how they are being used, what resources are available to students, and how students can access them. We want to examine these resources in areas from sexual assault, to mental health, to technology, to recreation and wellness, and more. College is about a lot more than just a students' life inside a classroom. With the right resources, every student should enjoy WVU and be able to work hard and play smart.



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